UK Government Orders Information Blackout On EU Farming Subsidies For The Royal Family


The British Royals since 1714 are coming from the House of Hannover and the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. The Royals are ‘really’ Germans.

The royal family’s official name, or lack thereof, became a problem during World War I, when people began to mutter that Saxe-Coburg-Gotha sounded far too German. King George V and his family needed a new English-sounding name. After considering everything from Plantagenet to Tudor-Stuart to simply England, the king and his advisors chose the name Windsor.

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And yes, the Royals really eat ONLY organic food (and some say young children).

The people of Europe are funding their organic garden with ‘royal’ subsidies.

Farming subsidies: Queen Elizabeth received more than £500,000 and the Prince of Wales more than £100,000 last year

Farming subsidy: Queen Elizabeth received more than £500,000 last year

Ministers have ordered an information blackout on the massive farming subsidies paid to the Queen, Prince Charles and dozens of other wealthy landowners.

Payouts, which in past years have amounted to £500,000 to the Queen and more than £100,000 to the Prince of Wales, will remain secret because publication has been deemed an invasion of privacy by the European Court of Justice.

But freedom of information groups point out that the court ruling applies only to identifying private individuals, and that large farming concerns – which might include those owned by the Queen and the Prince – could still be named.

The Department for the Environment said it was ‘administratively not feasible’ to separate company and private details, so it was banning publication of both.

A total of 80,000 farmers were paid £1 billion in EU farming subsidies for the past year.

Property: Prince Charles owns land such as his holiday cottage, Llwynwermod

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Last updated at 10:15 PM on 19th February 2011

Source: The Daily Mail

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