Probable Black Swan Event Equals Gold Explosion

When asked about the gold market Rick Rule had this to say, “There’s a sense that in addition to the fact that there’s this general and broad debasement of currencies and incipient inflation in the developed countries, that there is also the possibility or perhaps even the probability of some type of black swan event which will provide major upside impetus to gold.”

With silver at multi-decade highs and gold approaching $1,400, King World News interviewed one of the most street-smart professionals in the resource sector Rick Rule of Global Resource, now part of the $8 billion Sprott Asset Management. When asked about silver specifically Rick remarked, “Everywhere you look, in particular physical coin sales are booming. And with increasing amounts of silver already owned by the silver etf’s and things like the Sprott Physical Silver Trust, coming by silver strip to fabricate coins is going to become increasingly difficult.”

Full article here: King World News

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