Scientists Say The Magnetic North Pole Is Moving At 40 Miles Per Year Toward Russia And The Fallout Has Reached – Of All Places -Tampa International Airport

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Earth’s North Magnetic Pole is Racing Toward Russia at Almost 64 Kilometers a Year Due to Core Flux

Shift of Earth’s magnetic north pole affects Tampa airport

Runway changes are needed to account for the moving magnetic pole, which is nearing Russia at 40 miles per year.

TAMPA – Scientists say the magnetic north pole is moving toward Russia and the fallout has reached — of all places — Tampa International Airport.

The airport has closed its primary runway until Jan. 13 to repaint the numeric designators at each end and change taxiway signage to account for the shift in location of the Earth’s magnetic north pole.

The closure of the west parallel runway will result in more activity on the east parallel runway and more noise for residential areas of South Tampa.

The busiest runway will be re-designated 19R/1L on aviation charts. It’s been 18R/36L, indicating its alignment along the 180-degree approach from the north and the 360-degree approach from the south.

Later this month, the airport’s east parallel runway and the seldom used east-west runway will be closed to change signage to their new designations.

The Federal Aviation Administration required the runway designation change to account for what a National Geographic News report described as a gradual shift of the Earth’s magnetic pole at nearly 40 miles a year toward Russia because of magnetic changes in the core of the planet.

Published: January 5, 2011
Updated: 01/06/2011 08:31 am

Source: The Tampa Tribune

9 thoughts on “Scientists Say The Magnetic North Pole Is Moving At 40 Miles Per Year Toward Russia And The Fallout Has Reached – Of All Places -Tampa International Airport”

  1. wow scary ,,i know this will lead to colder ,,and warmer temps replacing various areas of the earth within 20 to 80 years from now,,,i think this is gods way of divine payback to mankind and woman kind that have disobeyed gods basic statutes…,love,forgivness and repentence..this really makes the world think maybe the book of deutoronomy is ,,was true when god said we should do,,live right,,ect and that he god..had control over rain,,blessings thereof…ect….also in the book of isaiah when god talks bout making dry areas fruitfull and forest areas become barren at his will and or command by divine wisdom,,,wow god really did creat this earth,,and everything in it belongs to him,,,……………… is crazy in life..injustice innocet get hurt ,,killed,,,violated,,in many ways,,,for no reasons,,,do i blame god? no… i fel we must live our lives,,,bad injustice,,inhuman treatment does,,come to good people,,i got no reason for it i dont think there is a reason for that but i wont blame god for bad stuff happining to good people ,, i do feel i will live by faith,,,,theres no answers 4 issues,,dilemas,,crisis in life ,,but i know imma live based on what i know,,,by faith,,,,,,this pole stuff has to do with human kinds way of living ,,and all the good people will most likely suffer…sad..just remember death is in 1 to 90 seconds..! enjoy life while we can… rejoice in thy youth young man,,

  2. DEAR MR E ,,,r u a f….ing retard,,,for cursing me out,,,i guess u show that u r the real retard,,by ur lack of self control,,,guess whta im a logical man,,im a organo metalic chemist,,so get ur facts straight,the religous stuff is my opinion,,,now based on ur attitude i bet u never knew ur mother,,and im sure ur married to a woman that u dont even really know ,,ur the type of guy who marries a woman for her blond hair and blue eyes…btw,,,,YOU GOT ANY BETTER IDEAS? WHAT maybe your hormonal emotionally challenged endocrine system isnt working correctly…..also i dont trust in voodoo science,,,,,,,also,,can u prove GOD dont exist?…2 things are infinite ;the universe and disrespectfull humans like you..SCIENCE WITHOUT RELIGON IS LAME ,,,RELIGON WITHOUT SCIENCE IS BLIND…….hey mister e i bet u dont even know who u r as aperson,,go learn what the word self respect,,then come back online to debate ok…..let me tell u im a man of science,,,at the age of 6 i was doing expirements while other boys my age were playing rambo,,,,so get out of my face with ur stupid child like words.. now i apoliogize to all the other scientific minds out there……………

  3. lol chill dude. The human brain lives on patterns. People have attributed religious significance to almost everything since the year dot, including but not limited to rocks, the sun, trees, toilets, doors, the planets, their rulers, the universe etc.

    I think Mister E was offended at the suggestion that routine magnetic shifts, which are a natural geophysyical phenomonon, which have occured indefinately, both on the earth and the sun, should be attributed some modern day religious meaning. Also, perhaps the ranting about the sins of man was misplaced.

    I know such rantings, and doomsday talking have been popular indefinately – part of our successful survival instincts of pattern recognition too, but it can become a little tiresome sometimes.

    Before ranting about the sins of modern man, you really should do your research chaps. If you actually took the time to look beyond hollywood glamour, and looked at how people lived and treated each other throughout history, you’d see far worse behaviour throughout. If you wish to apply logic and religion, perhaps you shoudl restrict your efforts to proving godly acts of historic destruction, based on the lower standards in society at the time? Please cite any evidence which leads you to believe such geophysical events are of a religious nature.

  4. Personally speaking, I maintain an outlook to aid follow man, regardless of his belief or race, or social grounding. I do so without any expectation of reward in this life, or any other.

    I recognise what I percieve to be a positive nature, yet I recognise that my view of positive is inherantly flawed in the same manner as everyone else’s. I refer to my own personality and morality, yet I recognise that I am but a net effect. I am no different to a crazed psycopath in birth, yet shaped by events and circumstance.

    This is the truth of all men being equal, the acceptance that you are indeed equal to all others, that you too are a subject of circumstance, but that’s way off topic for here eh.

  5. I think the judge on the Simpsons had it right when he issued a restraining order keeping religious and science 1000ft away from each other at all times … i understand the objection of hearing about religion on a science site since everytime someone mentions caos or a possible ELE, we’re bombarded by religious beliefs. With that said, it doesn’t give anyone the ok to try and dismiss someone else’s need to believe. We all have a choice to continue reading after the first mention of “God” is written … we’ve either evolved to make that choice, or the choice was given to us … in either case, use it and enjoy the parts yiu do choose to read.
    On a side note, i was raised in a Catholic house hold but chose to not believe in religion as an adult. shouldn’t matter, but i’m sure someone will comment 😉

  6. Why are people so hateful? You know the end is on it’s way so you don’t know how to behave. Buy a boat so you can be like Noah.


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