Police State: Shocking Video Shows Stab Victim Being Repeatedly Punched By Police Sent Out To Help Him

This is the shocking moment police began beating a restrained man who had been stabbed in the head as he lay bleeding in a park.

Darren Grace had staggered into Liverpool’s Stanley Park in the early hours of Sunday, August 1 when three officers at first came to his aid.

However footage shows that as Mr Grace seems to try to resist treatment, one officer rains down a volley of eight punches onto his injured head while a female officer puts her hand on his arm.

Five minutes later, just before 8am, both she and the other officer appear to punch Mr Grace in the head and back as he lies face down on the ground.

The 31-year-old was later charged with two counts of assaulting a police officer – charges which were eventually dropped when Crown Prosecution Service lawyers saw the tape and realised there wasn’t enough evidence ‘to provide a realistic prospect of a conviction’.

After receiving basic treatment, Mr Grace was held in a cell for 11 hours.

Today Merseyside Police accused the Anfield joiner of being violent towards the officers adding ‘CCTV images can never show the whole story’.

After being shown the tape by the Liverpool Echo, the force voluntarily referred the incident to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

But the watchdog said it was happy for Merseyside Police to conduct its own investigation and it is now the subject of a Professional Standards Department probe.

Mr Grace has not lodged a formal complaint with Merseyside Police and will not co-operate with the internal inquiry saying he has no confidence in the force.

He said: ‘I remember waking up in the cell with my face covered in blood, my head throbbing. I could feel the cut where I’d been stabbed.’

The three officers involved remain on duty and no disciplinary action has yet been taken.

Superintendent Mike Shaw, from Merseyside Police’s Professional Standards Department, told the Liverpool Echo: ‘As a police force we expect the highest standards from our officers. Where those standards are found to be breached, disciplinary action is taken.
Claim: The 31-year-old said he has lost all confidence in the police force following the incident

Claim: The 31-year-old said he has lost all confidence in the police force following the incident

‘At about 7.45am on Sunday, August 1 officers were called to a disturbance in Butterfield Street in Anfield in which it was reported that a male had been stabbed.

‘Enquiries led officers to Stanley Park. Upon arrival they found Mr Grace with head injuries in need of medical assistance. During the courts of administering medical assistance to Mr Grace he became violent towards the officers.

‘In this case I understand that members of the public will be concerned when watching this footage. However I would like to stress that CCTV images can never show the whole story.

‘The Professional Standards Department has been in contact with Mr Grace and his legal representatives and have been advised that there will be no complaint against police at this time and that Mr Grace does not want to take part in any misconduct investigation.

‘Nevertheless, in order to understand the full circumstances of the incident the Professional Standards Department has launched an investigation.

‘This will include looking at the circumstances that initially led police to Mr Grace, the circumstances around his arrest and the circumstances which led to the discontinuation by the CPS.

‘It is important not to prejudge the outcome of the investigation. It would therefore be inappropriate to comment further at this time.

‘This matter was voluntarily referred to the IPCC in recognition of the public concern it may generate and the IPCC are happy that Merseyside Police carry out its own local investigation.’

Mr Grace claims he now suffers nightmares and insomnia and feels anxious whenever he sees bobbies on the beat.

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 4:20 PM on 28th October 2010

Source: Daily Mail

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