Nebraskan Man ‘Waterboarded Girlfriend After Accusing Her of Cheating’

Assault: After accusing his girlfriend of cheating on him, Trevor Chase, 22 tied the woman to a sofa and ‘waterboarded’ her

A Nebraskan man tied his girlfriend to a sofa and subjected her to the practice of ‘waterboarding’, according to U.S. police.

Trevor Case, 22, bound the woman’s wrists, tied her to a couch and stuffed socks in her mouth.

Danielle Stallworth, 22, told police that he then put a T-shirt over her head and poured water over her, creating the sensation of drowning.

The 22 year old woman told officers that Case confronted her on Saturday morning when she got home from work and accused her of being with someone else.

The police report states: ‘Case stated he was going to kill her and…he bound her wrists with two belts and head bands…placed a pair of hospital socks in her mouth and put hair ties around her head to keep the socks in her mouth…He bound her ankles with another belt…used the vacuum cleaner cords around her ankles.’

Case also threatened his girlfriend with a butter knife, but only ‘prodded her once in the side of the stomach.’

Lincoln Police Department report continues that Case stuffed ‘hospital socks’ into Stallworth’s mouth, then ‘poured a pitcher of water on her head, and she started freaking out and thought she wasn’t able to breathe.’

As she was trying to get up, she clawed Case on his chest.

Eventually the woman managed to twist free and roll off the couch. A neighbour called the police after receiving texts from Stallworth.

The couple’s young daughter witnessed the incident, according to police who said the situation ‘calmed down” when she appeared in the living room after waking up.

Case has been charged with domestic assault, false imprisonment, and making terroristic threats in connection with the incident early Saturday morning at the apartment he shared with his girlfriend.

Case admits arguing with Stallworth, but denies tying her up. He told police that the scratch on his chest occurred while ‘wrestling with a friend.’

Stallworth sustained injuries to her wrist, arm, and thigh.

Case is being held on $150,000 bail at Lancaster County jail, Nebraska.

Case has already been convicted once before for domestic assault against Stallworth, with whom he has been involved in a relationship for five years.

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 3:33 PM on 29th October 2010

Source: Daily Mail

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