Asian Stock Markets Drop Sharply After Big Fall in US; Ameritrade clients locked out for 80 minutes

The Dow Jones slumped 3.6 per cent, as every stock on the blue chip index fell (AFP)

Asian Stocks Drop Sharply After Big Fall in US (New York Times):

Stock markets in Asia fell sharply in early trading on Friday after continuing declines on Wall Street and in Europe.

Fears that the fragile economic recovery in the United States might be threatened by the financial and political crisis in Europe gripped Wall Street on Thursday, sending the stock market into a sharp decline and leaving anxious traders wondering where the pain might stop, The New York Times’s Mark MacDonald reported.

TD Ameritrade clients locked out for 80 minutes (Reuters):

* Online clients unable to log in 11:40 a.m.-1 p.m.s

* Call wait times ‘elevated’ – spokeswoman

* U.S. markets dropped heavily on Thursday (Recasts with resolution, lockout details)

NEW YORK, May 20 (Reuters) – TD Ameritrade Holding Corp (AMTD.O) clients were unable to log into their online trading accounts for about 80 minutes as markets fell sharply on Thursday, the big U.S. online brokerage said.

The company was still investigating what went wrong between about 11:40 a.m. ET and 1 p.m., when individual clients were forced to contact company brokers by telephone to place orders, a spokeswoman said. Call wait times were “elevated,” she added.

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“I cannot come up with any explanation for market activity for last 15 months other than treasury intervention. Probability of other explanation is nonexistent.”

And I totally agree because the only thing most insiders have done is sell.

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