False Flag: The Attack on the USS Liberty

For more information watch this documentary:

Dead In The Water – The Sinking of the USS Liberty (BBC)

You can trust the government!

Added: 13. Januar 2009

2 thoughts on “False Flag: The Attack on the USS Liberty”

  1. I honestly thought I knew the whole story, however (if this is true?) I am concerned, shocked and disgusted with my government and its foreign policy, then and now! I proudly served my country from 1965 till recent retirement from both DOD and Military. I am a VietNam combat veteran (RVN 67/68) and former civilian civil service security manager, FP/AT expert.
    Liam March

  2. Why would Israel attack the ship of a supposed ally? I do not believe it was an accident. I believe the United States was spying on Israel and sending critical intelligence to the enemies of the Jewish state. U.S. self interest dictates that Israel is not allowed to achieve clear-cut victories. An embarrassed U.S. was forced to cancel its defensive response when caught red-handed.


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