Global News (02/13/09)

“Kill yourself. Save us the paperwork” (Salon):
Pfc. Ryan Alderman, now deceased, sought medical help from the Army. He got a fistful of powerful drugs instead.

Dutch MP refused entry to Britain (BBC News):
A Dutch MP who called the Koran a “fascist book” has been sent back to the Netherlands after attempting to defy a ban on entering the UK.

US unemployment climbs to a 32-year high (Telegraph)

Why Geithner’s bank bailout plan got a Bronx cheer (Money and Markets):
Problem #2: The “same old, same old” efforts:

These programs appear to be nothing more than expanded versions of efforts that have already had either limited success, or failed entirely.
Problem #3: Investors may finally be starting to face reality:

“This latest scheme to save the world will fail just like all the others. That is because nothing … NOTHING … can prevent a painful adjustment process.

– Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts:
The Washington Morons – Driving Over the Cliff (CounterPunch)

Eurozone slump worst in 50 years (Financial Times)

France to call for hedge fund crackdown (Financial Times)

Lloyds hit by £10bn HBOS losses (Financial Times):
Shares in the banking group fell 35 per cent after it warned that its newly acquired HBOS had suffered a worse-than-expected £10bn loss in 2008.

US Auto-Parts Suppliers Seek $18.5 Billion in Aid (Bloomberg)

Inflation: Brace yourself for higher food prices (Telegraph):
The Telegraph’s measure of “real” inflation, the Real Cost of Living Index, is at minus 3.4pc. But the era of cheap food could be over within a decade. (I say within 7 months.)

Auto Workers’ 54-Year Safety-Net Pay May Be Scrapped in Talks (Bloomberg):
Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) — General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC, trying to keep $17.4 billion in U.S. aid, are asking the United Auto Workers union to end a 54-year-old benefit that ensures almost full pay during layoffs.

Bernard Madoff could escape trial with guilty plea (Times Online):
The 70-year-old is currently under house arrest at his $7 million Manhattan penthouse apartment.
(What a horrible punishment!)

– Japan PM faces potential revolt (Financial Times)

US envoy in Kabul to map out surge (Independent)

PepsiCo defies global gloom (Financial Times):
(Soon people can only afford to drink tap water and then Pepsi will go down.)

Female suicide bomber kills 35 women and children near Iraq religious festival (CNN)

World in denial about trafficking, says UN (Independent)

Energy experts to visit every home to help them go green (Telegraph)

Millions ‘opt for DIY dentistry’ (BBC News)

Teenage handbag thief outpaced by 72-year-old ex-sprinter (Telegraph)

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