US role in Afghan prison attack

US-led forces have played a part in a Taliban attack on an Afghanistan prison that set hundreds of militants free, some reports speculate.

Experts in regional affairs believe that Taliban militants attacked the Kandahar prison with the green light from US forces.

They say it is questionable – how could the militants dare attack the prison with US-led troops stationed just northeast of the jail?

The sources also noted that although clashes between Afghan security forces and the militants lasted for several hours, US-led troops did not intervene.

Ordinary people share the idea, asking how is it possible that hundreds of militants could attack a government prison, detonating more than 800 kilograms of explosives and foreign forces show no reaction.

They say the blasts were deafening and awakened everyone in the region. No one can claim not being aware of the attack.

“There are two opinions among Afghans following up the attack; non-political individuals say the Taliban managed to attack the prison with the help of God, while those more political believe that US forces helped them,” Ahmad Saadat, a political expert, said.

He compared the foreign forces’ struggle with Afghan insurgents to a movie that ends before reaching a conclusion.

Saadat added that Afghans are tired of war and that only a few illiterate people, called Taliban, are fighting foreign forces.

He emphasized that while these groups should oppose foreign forces, they do things in favor of them with consequences that they are not aware of.

He said foreign forces have chosen these militant groups to achieve their own objectives under the pretext of defending Islam.

He also said that since the number of Taliban militants is shrinking, foreign forces planned the attack with Pakistan’s assistance to encourage the militants’ move.

This political expert believes that the assault on the prison was essentially a US plan. Otherwise, after the first blast, the heavily armed US, Canadian, and Afghan troops would have intervened.

Showing no reaction proves that foreign forces had a role in the escape of more than 1000 inmates, 400 of them Taliban, from the prison.

Mon, 16 Jun 2008

Source: Press TV

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