Philly Cops Caught Beating Motorists on Video

Yet another instance of cops acting like predatory pack animals. It should be obvious by now the police are out of control, a parasitical force unleashed on society at large. Cops no longer help granny across the street or respond to burglary. Cops are like the Crips, Bloods, or Mara Salvatrucha — another violent street gang, but one armed and supported by the state.

“A half-dozen police officers kicked and beat three men pulled from a car during a traffic stop as a TV helicopter taped the confrontation,” reports the Associated Press. ” The video, shot by WTXF-TV, shows three police cars stopping a car Monday, two days after a city officer was shot to death responding to a bank robbery.”

In other words, after a fellow gang member was shot and killed protecting a bank, the largest gang in Philadelphia wanted revenge and blood. Of course, that’s the real job of the cops — protect banks, not the public at large, considered the enemy.

“The tape shows about a dozen officers gathering around the vehicle. About a half-dozen officers hold two of the men on the ground. Both are kicked repeatedly, while one is seen being punched; one also appears to be struck with a baton.”

“On the surface it certainly does not look good in terms of the amount of force that was used,” Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said. “But we don’t want to rush to judgment.”

No, of course not, even though the video plainly shows there was absolutely no reason for members of the police gang to savagely beat the three hapless people pictured.

“The officers were responding to a report of a shooting nearby, police said. It was not immediately clear what preceded the confrontation.”

It does not matter “what preceded the confrontation,” as it is obvious the motorists were not a threat. Once upon a time, cops handcuffed and arrested people accused of crimes. Now they are beaten to a pulp.

“We don’t take into consideration the emotions of police officers when it comes to the discharge of their duties… Your emotional state, being tired, doesn’t justify what’s on that video,” said D. Scott Perrine, an attorney who represents the three men seen in the video. “He said one of his clients suffered a welt on his head the size of a baseball and one of his legs was seriously injured; he didn’t know the extent of any injuries on the other two men.”

“It clearly shows a lack of any reasonable investigation before these police yank these individuals out of the car and take turns delivering blows,” he said. “This is a time for a thorough investigation to see what it is that happened here.”

Sort of like the “thorough investigation” of the cops who shot to death Sean Bell in New York. An unarmed Bell had fifty rounds pumped into him as he was leaving his bachelor party on his wedding day. Three detectives were acquitted of all charges in the case last month, thus sending a message – cops are above the law, they may shoot unarmed people with immunity.

“The defense painted the victims as drunken thugs who the officers believed were armed and dangerous. Prosecutors sought to convince the judge that the victims had been minding their own business, and that the officers were inept, trigger-happy cowboys,” reported the Associated Press.

Fact is, the cops involved are not “cowboys,” they are violent gang members, as New York has the largest cop-gang in the country.

It will only get worse. Cops are now trained to consider citizens as the enemy and the feds are arming them like paramilitaries – or maybe that should be death squads. Iraqi veterans, driven insane by multiple tours, are now filling their ranks.

“Perrine said that police told him all three men would be charged with aggravated assault,” even though it is obvious by the video here that the men did not attack the police. Increasingly, that is the MO — victims of police violence are charged with assault and resisting arrest.

Note: a better quality version of the above video may be viewed here

Kurt Nimmo
May 7, 2008

Source: Infowars

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