Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos” Harks Back to an Earlier Intel Operation

Rush Limbaugh’s handlers are having themselves a little joke with Operation Chaos. Limbaugh has launched his version of Operation Chaos to mess with the Democrats in true Karl Rove fashion. There is of course an older version of Operation Chaos. It was devised by the CIA.

Donald J. Myers writes for the Tampa Tribune: “Prior to the Texas and Ohio primary elections, Rush Limbaugh implemented his ‘operation chaos.’ The purpose of this was to have Republicans vote in Democratic primaries for Sen. Hillary Clinton in order to keep her in the race and continue the fight between her and Sen. Barack Obama.”

On the surface, this appears to be an attempt to have the two Democrats self destruct and thus hand the election to McCain, who is run by the same neocons who ran Bush for the last seven plus years. In fact, Limbaugh does not support McCain, he supports Hillary, same as Rupert Murdoch, who hosted fundraisers for the “liberal” Clinton. Murdoch and Limbaugh are supposed “conservatives,” so on the surface it seems rather strange they would come out in Hillary’s corner.

But then Hillary is the candidate of choice for the Bilderbergers, same as Bill Clinton was their candidate. Of course, it does not matter if Hillary, Obama, or McCain “win” the “election” come November, as turned upside down they are virtually identical — controlled by the bankers and beholden to multinational corporations. Even so, the insiders and the ruling elite are fond of running one minion against another. Our rulers call this “democracy.” It is nothing of the sort, even in the technical sense — democracy is essentially mob rule — and the mob is not allowed to do much except spectate and push the mandated button on a Diebold machine when the time comes.

As for the other Operation Chaos — it was a domestic snoop and neutralize project conducted by the CIA with the help of the FBI and the NSA. Call it a collaborative project. “CHAOS project amassed thousands of files on Americans, indexed hundreds of thousands of Americans into its computer records, and disseminated thousands of reports about Americans to the FBI and other government offices. Some of the information concerned the domestic activity of those Americans,” noted the Church committee in 1976. The most notable targets were Americans involved in the antiwar movement in the late 60s and early 70s, a big thorn in the side of Nixon and the establishment.

Now Limbaugh’s version of Operation Chaos is calling for a riot at the upcoming Democrat Convention in Denver this summer. Sort of makes you think about the 1968 Democrat convention in Chicago that resulted in a police riot against antiwar demonstrators. At the time, the CIA’s Operation Chaos was in full swing. No doubt no shortage of government provocateurs were working the crowd and enraging the police, sort of like the “anarchists” in Ottawa last year going up against Sûreté du Québec officers in full riot garb. As it turns out, the “anarchists” were cops, as their combat boots revealed when compared with the boots worn by the riot cops who pretended to arrest them.

No doubt Limbaugh is aware of Recreate 68, described as a “band of loons, freaks and frauds planning… to recreate the chaos that surrounded the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago when the Dem delegates gather this August in Denver, Colorado.” Lisa Richards, writing for Human Events, warns us that the Recreate 68 “activists” are “like jihadists” who are “insane hemp-wearing, pot smoking, commune-type militant[s] who most likely studied loading and firing under Angela Davis at UC Berkley.” In other words, stereotypical Marxist “leftists,” followers of the false right-left paradigm and readers of little red books.

Maybe. But more likely most of are dupes and useful idiots stage managed by skilled agents provocateurs. Recreate 68, with its call to confront both the “party machines” and the cops, is a COINTELPRO scheme designed to make all who disagree with a hundred years of war look like “jihadists” and “loons.” If this transparent COINTELPRO operation manages to unleash a significant amount of violence in Denver, our rulers and their minions will be free to crack down even more on dissent. After all, they have not spent the last few years erecting a high-tech police state apparatus for nothing.

Rush Limbaugh, long an operative, is simply doing his part.

Kurt Nimmo
Truth News
April 25, 2008

Source: Truth News

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