Beets, Water Cress And Distilled Water For Longevity

“Organic raw beets and celery have the highest amounts of organic sodium. We eat them almost daily raw in salads and our fresh juices.

My father made several expeditions to primitive Russia and found people who lived amazingly long lives – some way over 120 years! Beets were an important part of their daily diet.”

“They got water cress from fresh mountain streams which they mixed with raw grated beets for a healthy salad!”
“Dad found areas where the main sources of water for drinking were rain and snow waters (distilled by Mother Nature) which helps reduce chances of having hardening of the arteries from inorganic minerals and chemical buildups. Many of these rural, ageless Russians had never tasted common table salt. Their arteries were healthy, flexible, youthful and free from the artery cloggers – inorganic minerals and chemical encrustations!”
Source: Water: The Shocking Truth That Can Save Your Life”


Water cress has one of the highest contents of monoatomic gold!…

… and beet juice does help to cure cancer…

Beet juice has been mentioned in Galina Schatalova’s books.

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