Private Search Engine DuckDuckGo’s Traffic Performance Goes Parabolic (Chart Of The Day)

Chart of the Day: DuckDuckGo (Liberty Blitzkrieg, Aug 15, 2013):

A month ago, I highlighted the explosive growth in privacy focused search engine DuckDuckGo. At the time, I also stated that I would start using it for my searches to see how it goes. Well I am very pleased to report that I have now successfully conditioned myself to use this search engine for about 90% of my online queries, and I have found the results to be excellent. It appears I am not the only one, as according to website information hub Alexa, DuckDuckGo’s performance has continued to go parabolic.

This just goes to show that when people decide they are fed up and want something new, they will shift to something new. We have the power to change things, we just need to wake up and do it.

In Liberty,