Spain Bans A/C Dropping Below 27°C (80°F) & Heating Above 19°C In Winter (66°F), Threatens Massive Fines (Up To €60,000 For Minor Offenses, To A Maximum Of €600,000 For Serious Violations)

Spain Bans A/C Dropping Below 80°F, Threatens Massive Fines:

Citing “a real risk of a natural gas shortage during the coming winter,” the Spanish government has decreed that all shops, department stores, cinemas, hotels and public buildings cannot have air conditioning set below 27 degrees Celsius (just below 81 degrees Fahrenheit) in the summer, heating above 19 degrees in the winter (66 degrees Fahrenheit).

The penalties will range from up to €60,000 for minor offenses, to a maximum of €600,000 for serious violations, Spanish newspaper El Mundo reported on Tuesday.

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