Second Donation in October


Infinite Unknown reader J. D. donated $20.

Thank you so much for your support!!!


Donations in October: $45


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Donations in 2021: $547, £225, €43


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5 thoughts on “Second Donation in October”

  1. Whichever way the PTB owned jewish media play it, it must be getting difficult to not see the way their narrative is crumbling, the evidence challenging their direction and brainwashing is growing, the awakening is now expanding to many vaxxed victims of blind trust, and their following is dwindling to zero and once over the hill with their reputation in tatters, I hope the few honest reporters know what to expect for their treachery.

    ….but there are still far too many total morons with masks on!

  2. This interview is hollow. Despite all the hype which has been dominating the hopium sites, I feel uneasy.
    His complete lack of knowledge and what appears as pleas for help points towards what I have belatedly learnt is ‘controlled opposition’. Even Mike Adams, who I trust implicitly, is somewhat nonplussed by his weak spots.
    I just feel something isn’t right….but as a naive virgin of media manipulation I am probably miles off the mark!


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