Fourth Donation in August


Infinite Unknown reader W. L. donated $11.

Thank you so much for your continuing support!!!


Donations in August: $46, £25


Donations in July: $36, £25

Donations in June: $44, £25

Donations in May: $33, £25

Donations in April: $43, £25

Donations in March: $198, £25

Donations in February: $33, £25

Donations in January: $33, £25, €43


Donations in 2021: $466, £200, €43


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5 thoughts on “Fourth Donation in August”

  1. Is there another way to donate besides using PayPal? I closed my account with that ‘woke’ company.
    I want to donate periodically, as I can afford it.
    Your site, along with a number of other alt media news sites, has provided valuable info that helps a lot of us stay sane.
    Wish I had more to donate for all of those who have worked tirelessly to expose the lies & corruption that have exploded in the US.

    • Hi Val,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Much appreciated.

      Will reply or make a post about your question when I find some time.

      Right now I’m already happy if I can get some news updates posted.

      Very interesting times indeed.

      I. U.


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