Irish Government Admits COVID-19 is a Fake Hoax Scam which DOES NOT EVEN EXIST

#COVID1984, #Agenda21 , #NWO…

There is no real sequence for this virus because it hasn’t been isolated or sequenced. How do they know there are “new strains” or new mutations when they haven’t even isolated the original? The vaccine was built on a sequence received from China. The problem is, not even China isolated or sequenced the virus. Basically its all a fraud. The biggest hoax in all of human history, far surpassing the Holyhoax of the 40s and 50s or the 9/11 hoax.

Maybe they haven’t even released the real thing yet and maybe they will release it in the near future and the “vaccine” people are taking now is in fact nothing more than just turning people into GMO.

Enough is Enough already! We tried to beat around the bush multiple times to no effect, many still don’t get it, the media is still lying!

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