Rand Paul: Democrat “Class-Warfare Wealth-Tax Will Destroy Our Country” – “No Interest In Sticking Around”: Manhattan Luxury Homeowners Sell Properties At loss – “Embarrassed” Cuomo Says “I’m Very Sorry” But “I’m Not Resigning” – Nasdaq Crashes Through Critical Resistance, Gives Up March Gains – Senate Lowers Cutoff For Covid Stimulus Checks To $80,000 – “Space Hurricane” Spotted Above North Pole, Study Finds – Here we go again: D.C. Police Issue Emergency Alert On “Possible” Militia Plot To Breach Capitol Tomorrow – At Least 10 Rockets Slam Into US Base In Iraq – Hong Kong Authorities Probe Death Of Man Who Received Covid-19 Vaccine – Canada’s Quarantine Hotels Backfire As People Starved (“Wow unbelievable no food no water”) – Being a “racist” means whites are the only people who aren’t allowed a racial identity – Homosexuality Can Be Deemed ‘Mental Disorder’ In China, Says New Court Ruling

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