Satanist Insider: Goal Is 70% Depopulation By 2030


Satanist Goal is 70% Depopulation by 2030 – Insider:

Don asks: “Sounds like zero hope reading your postings lately. Evil has won. Anything to the contrary is fantasy and hopium. Since you have a frequent contributor named Aloysius Fozdyke who alerted the world to satanist control in 2010, why not invite him to tell us what is next and ask him why the Satanists haven’t come out in the open since they have clearly defeated the creator. We are supposedly powerless to resist so what are they waiting for?”
Fozdyke replies:  “The engineered and long-term deaths, poverty, social disorder, economic depression and currency collapse will be blamed on mutant cartoon viruses. The solutions are ours; the decisions are always yours.”
“Our Solutions – Your Decisions”
by Aloysius Fozdyke
What’s happening is depopulation. The figures were given by [my mentor, Frater] Narsagonan, as well as our timelines: 70% population reduction by 2030. We continue to use Paradigm Magick. If you can change or substitute a paradigm, then things change in the real world.
“All governments count on their sheeple to respond in typical infantile fashions, including unconsciously identifying with a more powerful force; even if it enslaves, brutalizes and humiliates them.”
On any objective assessment, there are too many “useless eaters”, many of whom are sick or ‘scrapings from the bottom of the gene pool’. Global human population is out of control. The games have begun! The elderly and chronically sick – in that order. After that, economics will cull the rest.
Medications will run out. That’s not insider information, that’s just obvious, given the state of supply-lines in just about everything – internationally. Catastrophic comes close. The engineered and long-term deaths, poverty, social disorder, economic depression and currency collapse will be blamed on mutant cartoon viruses. The solutions are ours; the decisions are always yours.
Freedoms were taken away by the salami method – a slice at a time. There’s so few and inconsequential freedoms left that it doesn’t really matter. When we tell you and your family to get on the cattle trains, you will. Your future, together with your pension and superannuation funds await their transformation. Solve et coagula!  [Dissolve & coagulate]
Our law is the law of the strong and the joy of the world. It’s predation consecrated. The young are mostly ours already and the rest don’t care, so there’s no way we can lose. Our solutions are brutal but work quickly. Fiefdom instead of freedom. The demonic instead of the democratic. We work with thrones, not throngs.
The western world has really settled into the new order and are getting ready to sell out to Chinese investors. This is how it’s done! Essentially, totalitarianism has finally been imposed and joyously accepted. Australians are ready, indeed anxious, to live in a Chinese Special Economic Zone. The new Empire is Chinese and Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians have their deserved place in that empire. None of these countries ever experienced a revolution, so they still have colonial mindsets which will make their handovers easier.
‘The Lord is my shepherd’ and like all good shepherds he eventually leads his sheep to the slaughterhouse. That’s what shepherds do, and that time is now! Even the churches have been neutered.
Internationally, America is a basket-case – with its mongrelized, uneducated population (possessing attention spans shorter than their pubes); ghost cities burning and unpayable debt. ‘Land of the free and the home of the brave’; don’t make me belly-laugh sardonically!
Satan is merely one of the innumerable names for the deity we worship. He is humanity’s true saviour, as will be seen through the deeds of His willing co-workers: that, “I may one day walk with Satan; in His world, with His bride; And that I may become greater than the mortal I am leaving behind; the mortal which must die that a God may be born!”
First Comment from Tony B
Do not dismiss the below article as a joke or wishful thinking.  As long as Henry Makow has been regularly posting this bragging satanist’s writings he has almost always been proven correct in his predictions.  He is apparently fairly high up in the devil’s army against God.
The depopulation mentioned has already started even though few have been willing to notice it.  A vast number of people around the world have already taken the Bill Gates/WHO/Fauci/ shot of synthetic pathogen which has inserted foreign substances as part of every cell of their bodies.  It will now only take a normal cold or other common demand on the system for their immune system to kill THE BODY, thinking it is just killing the unnatural elements now in every cell.  This is not fear mongering, this is FACT, as presented by honest medical people who have refused to be bribed.
Still, this Satanist has a major flaw in his over confident beliefs.  He actually thinks that Satan, the creature, has overcome God, the creator.  Foolish to an unbelievable degree but not that uncommon today.
However, God will not stop the devil’s operations to destroy human life as well as proper world order UNLESS masses of people gain the necessary true sense to RETURN TO HIM, ASK FORGIVENESS FOR THEIR FORSAKING OF HIM AND OBEY HIS DICTATES FROM THAT DAY ON.
When so many of those close to God have repeatedly said that use of the Rosary of the Virgin Mary by masses of people is the most powerful weapon on earth they are only advising what real history has long proven.  I have discovered personally that to do so with honest intent can turn things around overnight.  Even for others not even aware of its use.  No doubt about it.
But the English speaking nations especially have been living pagan lives while mis-calling themselves Christians for too many centuries.  When only a small minority properly submit themselves to God, they will be slaughtered along with the scoffers, although with a very different final destination.  No English speaking nation, thanks to those centuries of insane protestantism, a weak pretence of do-as-you-please Christianity, will survive.  What the same satanist mode of operations did to Russia is in process already in all these nations.
In the U.S. Trump was our Kerensky (and now Biden somewhat) to be followed with full force mass murder when the self-chosen fully take over.  One who keeps track has already written that every last Biden appointee is a talmudic/satanic member of that tribe of Jews, as was basically true in the Soviet.
NO HOPE remains to us except that necessary MASSIVE PROPER, HONEST return to God.

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  1. Why do we ALWAYS have to submit to something or someone?????
    Wether god or the devil… it’s nonsense!
    We have to retrieve our liberty and expand our concscience to love & respect everything thats been created


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