Meanwhile in France… Coronavirus: Update On The Situation In Paris

I. U. readers know that Paris is predicted to be totally burnt to the ground by its own people (just prior to planned WW3) and that there will be very, very, very, very few survivors.

Revolution and all-out civil war are coming to a country near you, as predicted…


Papers Certificates Please!”

Excerpt. For full information visit the link:

Coronavirus: update on the situation in Paris:


Any non-essential trip must be justified by an exceptional trip certificate under penalty of 135€ (for the first one). There are 3 types of certificate: the exceptional trip certificate, the proof of professional trip and the proof of school trip.

These certificates can be downloaded and printed from the website of the Ministry of the Interior:

A certificate – common to all three types of trip – in digital format can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of the Interior: Once the certificate has been completed, a PDF is generated on your smartphone and must be presented in the event of an inspection.

From Friday, October 30 and until December 1, 2020, it is therefore possible to do short trips, without forgetting your certificate, in particular:

  • professional reasons
  • take and pick up children from school
  • make short trips (1 hour maximum) within a radius of 1 kilometer around his home, including for a physical activity to do alone …

Discover the 1 kilometer radius around your home using the dedicated page on the GEOCONCEPT site:

“V For Vendetta” anyone?…

They are coming!!!…

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