THE ARCTIC’S “TICKING CLIMATE BOMB”: LITTLE ICE AGE IMMINENT – KATESBRIDGE JUST RECORDED NORTHERN IRELAND’S COLDEST SEPTEMBER TEMPERATURE OF ALL-TIME – Worst storm of the season hits New Zealand, bringing disruptive snow and strong winds – Strong cold front to push across the central U.S., bringing significant drop in temperatures – Snow Returns To The US; Alps Surprised By Early Record Snowfall; Vikings Weren’t All Scandinavian (Video) – Mainland Portugal hit by its first (sub)tropical cyclone on record – Massive floods leave widespread destruction, displace 140 000 people in Afar, Ethiopia – Nearly 830 000 affected as Sudan faces ‘unprecedented challenges’ amid worst flood in century – Coldest Northern Hemisphere temperature, first recorded by UW in 1991, now officially confirmed

Massive earth changes are coming….

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