Stephen Lendman: Novichok In Navalny’s Water Bottle (Another Colossal Hoax) – Fields of human cages discovered in Caruthers California (Video) – 2 of the 3 Founders of Black Lives Matters Are Admitted Marxists… the Third Is a HUGE Fan of Socialism – Princeton Study: Black Lives Matter Responsible For 91% of Riots Over Last 3 Months – AOC: Democrats Should ‘Radicalize And Fight’ Following Ginsburg’s Death (“I need you to be ready…”) – Facebook Blocks Tucker Carlson Interview with Chinese Whistle Blower – “I’m Speechless”: Police Chase Down Tesla On Autopilot Doing 90 MPH With Driver And Passenger Asleep – Britain’s National Grid Using Six Massive Tesla Batteries To Balance Supply And Demand Of Electricity – Obama Calls On GOP To Delay Vote On Ginsburg Successor Until After Election – Marshall University professor wishes for every Trump supporter to die before the election. These people are sick. – Why Has Victoria, Australia Become a Totalitarian Basket Case? – Agenda 21 For Dummies (Video)

Facebook Blocks Tucker Carlson Interview with Chinese Whistle Blower:


Illuminati hand sign, again and again…

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