Kennedy Jr. Warns Parents About Danger Of Using Largely-Untested COVID Vaccines On Kids – #COVID19: The Fake Pandemic (Video) – Social Media Giants Remove Viral Video of Doctors Talking About Coronavirus, Masks & Treatment – Speaker Pelosi Orders Mandatory Mask-Wearing On House Floor – The Biggest Fraud Ever, Part 1: The Hocus “Science” Behind Lockdowns – Russia Hopes To Register World’s First COVID-19 Vaccine By Aug. 12 – Sweden Defeated The Coronavirus Without A Lockdown… Now Its Companies Are Reaping The Benefits – Masks Aren’t Enough: Dr. Fauci Says People Should “Probably Use Eye Shields” To Protect Against COVID-19 – How long will the world tolerate this nonsense? Fauci: Eye protection might be recommended at some point – California, Texas, Florida Suffer Record Jump In COVID-19 Deaths; New Jersey, Rhode Island “Pause” Reopening – The COVID-Hysteria Campaign… The Ultimate Divide And Conquer Strategy – BoJo warns of second wave of Covid-19 hitting Europe, while defending UK’s quarantine rule for travellers – The Biggest Scientific Fraud and Political Crime of All Times: No One Died of Coronavirus!

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