Europeans Panic About Incoming “2nd Wave” As Catalonia’s COVID-19 Outbreak Worsens – ‘The Biggest Scientific Fraud and Political Crime of All Time’ – How They Pulled Off The ‘Pandemic’ (An Animated Film Explanation) – Australian ‘Free Man’ confronts Victorian Premier over annual flu deaths falling as ‘Covid-19 deaths’ increased – More connections made between falling flu numbers and rising ‘Covid-19’. What shall we call ‘flu’ this year? I know… ‘Covid-19’ – Lockdown creators Imperial College now targeting children with ‘virus’ testing with a test not testing for a ‘virus’ – ‘Masks made mandatory when fewer people are dying from all causes than in other years’ – ‘Record numbers of coronavirus cases in every global region’ after testing with a test not testing for a ‘virus’ and every no symptom ‘case’ means the official ‘death rate’ plummets still further – North Korea Locks Down Border Area After Acknowledging “Vicious” COVID-19 Outbreak – Hancock calls for urgent review into calculation of death figures – Florida Passes New York For Biggest Outbreak As 46% Of COVID-19 Deaths Linked To Nursing Homes

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