Face Masks: Helpful or Hoax? (Video) – CDC wants states to count ‘probable’ coronavirus cases and deaths, but most aren’t doing it – Jon Rappoport: Even the CDC says that facemasks don’t work – The science says face masks DON’T WORK and can damage your health – UK health minister calls for ‘urgent review’ after scientists expose ‘over-exaggeration’ of Covid-19 death toll – Public Health England’s exaggerated death statistics are a scandal that has fed fear – Ron Paul Exposes Big Holes In The COVID ‘Spike’ Narrative – AND NOW: Russian Elite Received ‘Experimental’ COVID-19 Vaccine As Early As April – Another California Death Row Inmate Succumbs To COVID-19; In Florida, Broward County embraces mandatory mask order – The systematic abuse of care home elderly and staff in the ‘Covid’ era… an insider speaks – Mr and Mrs Psychopath tell you what is planned next (and they think it’s something to smile about) – California Gov Allows Nail Salons, Other Industries To Reopen Outdoors – SURE!!!: Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Show “No Adverse Effects” – LA Mayor Warns “City On The Brink” Of Shutdown, Texas Sees Promising Slowdown – Goldman: States Containing 80% Of The US Population Have Paused Or Taken Steps To Reverse Reopening – You Cannot Dispute the Statistics (Video) – Aid Groups Call for Worldwide COVID-19 Bailout Amid Fears of Mass Hunger – Doctors and Nurses Betrayed Patients… and Themselves (Video)

H/t reader kevin a:

WHO Consultant Christine Francis

Medical masks cannot protect against the new Coronavirus when used alone.
IF you do not have “symptoms” you do not have to wear masks because there is no evidence that they protect people who are not sick.

How to put a mask ON and OFF.
DO not put your mask in your “pocket” use a protective carton to put your mask in.

CDC wants states to count ‘probable’ coronavirus cases and deaths, but most aren’t doing it

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