Here Is The Full Explanation Behind Today’s Unprecedented Negative Oil Price – Something Impossible Just Happened: A CLO Failed Its AAA Overcollateralization Test – The Market Is Breaking… Everywhere – Lockdown will cost a QUARTER of UK jobs as 6.5 MILLION positions are to be axed with the hospitality industry set to be crippled by coronavirus crisis, research says – Illinois Senate Democrats Seek Massive Federal Bailout for State, Going Far Beyond Coronavirus Impact – “I’ve Never Encountered Anything Like This”: China Stock Index Suffers Record Crash And Nobody Knows Why – “Very Ugly Setup”: As Unemployment Claims Rise, Missed Mortgage Payments Soar – United Reports $2.1BN Loss As Airlines Brace To Fire 100,000 Once Bailout Loans Expire -NYPD Confiscates Drone Belonging To Freelance Photojournalist Documenting NYC’s Mass Burials – “What If The Lockdown Was A Giant Mistake?”: Ron Paul Rages “They Shouldn’t Be Able To Get Away With This” – Watch: Dramatic Footage Shows Chadian Military Jet ‘Accidentally’ Fires Missile At Senior Commander’s Home – As Coronavirus Depression Continues, Americans Are Putting Their Rent On Credit Cards – America First? Trump Sends More Than a Million Face Masks to Israel – UK government ‘partnering’ with Gates Foundation over ‘food security’ – Gates and Microsoft patent: ‘Cryptocurrency system using body activity data’ (well I did tell you like decades ago) – Facebook Bans Civil Disobedience, Removes Posts Organizing Anti-Lockdown Protests – The Last Time This Happened To Oil, Stocks Collapsed 30%

Get those tweets translated…


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