COVID-19 Is A Man-Made Virus: HIV-Discoverer Says “Could Only Have Been Created In A Lab” – BREAKING: Top Virus expert John Oxford says Coronavirus a “media epidemic” will be less UK deaths than normal flu (sub 8,000) – US Launches ‘Full-Scale Investigation’ Into Wuhan Lab – WHO Advises EU To Restrict Alcohol Sales During Lockdown (Good luck with that!) – Why are old people dying in care homes? A care home nurse sent this to us – Did you hear that? UK Health Secretary: ‘Even in normal times each month ten thousand people die in care homes’ – Global Coronavirus Death Toll Tops 150k – Navy Reports Alarming ‘Stealth Transmission’ Rate: 60% Of Infected Carrier Crew Symptom-Free – Anonymous Tip Leads To Grisly Discovery: 17 Bodies ‘Piled Up’ In Virus-Hit NJ Nursing Home – NYC’s Intensive-Care Units Still “Dangerously Overcrowded” Despite ‘Flattening Curve’


When a total BS coronavirus test and everyone dying with (not from) coronavirus is counted as coronavirus death…

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