US doctor: Authorities are fixing the death figures by telling us to put ‘Covid-19’ on the death certificate even without any proof – Whistleblower: How CDC Is Manipulating The COVID-19 Death-Toll – US Coronavirus Outbreak Officially World’s Deadliest As Total Killed Tops 20k – Just for perspective, I work in a 21 bed ICU. We have 4 patients, currently. Absolutely unprecedented. (This means we are putting people out of work and cancelling outpatient health care for no good reason.) – How come non-lockdown countries have FAR fewer deaths attributed to ‘virus’ than those in lockdown?? -‘Recovered coronavirus patients test positive again in blow to immunity hopes’… oh, better get EVERYBODY vaccinated then, eh, Bill Gates? So unbelievably blatant – “This Should Trouble Us Deeply”: Chilling Documentary Maps Out Likely Origin Of COVID-19 – Nearly 10% Of Theodore Roosevelt Sailors Test Positive For Virus – UK Press ‘Names & Shames’ Prominent Professors For Promoting ‘Conspiracy Theories’ About COVID-19 – NYC Resorts To Burying Dozens Of Coronavirus Victims In “Mass Grave” On Hart Island – “I See No People”: Stunning New Drone Footage Shows Jersey City’s “Stay At Home” Policy In Action – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Questionable Death Certificates

…and that is how they really come up with those numbers…



Everyone dying WITH (not from) COVID-19 is counted as COVID-19 death…



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