Six THOUSAND families line up in their cars for hours at a food bank in San Antonio – China Quietly Injected A Record 5.2 Trillion In New Credit To Kickstart Its Frozen Economy – Kushner’s team seeks national coronavirus surveillance system – ‘Piracy’ Or America First? US Customs To Seize All Exports Of Masks & Gloves – “Everyone Is Blameless”: Missed Rent & Mortgages Could Spell Real Estate Catastrophe For ‘Months Or Years’ – US, European Cities Turn To “Talking Drones” From China To Enforce Social-Distancing – Wall Street Has Now Morphed Into A Full Blown Soviet Sausage Factory – “Let Them Fail”: Billionaire Explains To Gobsmacked CNBC Host How Capitalism Is Supposed To Work – Aaaaaand Now: Pope Francis: Pandemic Could Be ‘Nature’s Revenge’ For Ignoring Climate Change – UK Cops Threaten To Search Shopping Baskets To Catch “Lockdown” Violators – German airline giant Lufthansa ‘losing €1 million per hour’ – For those who have not read it, here is Robert F. Kennedy’s damning summary of the horrors inflicted on the world by Bill Gates-funded vaccine programs – George Soros-Funded Group to Governors: Release as Many Prisoners as Possible Due to Coronavirus – Japan To Spend Billions Relocating Production Out Of China – Israel Continues Building Massive Wall Along Lebanese Border Despite COVID-19 Lockdown

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