UK Column News (20th March 2020 – Video): The Coronavirus Bill

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with today’s UK Column News.

START – CoronaVirus statistics update
CoronaVirus Bill now published and ‘compatible with human rights’
CV Bill designed to expire two years from the date it is passed…or not…?
Many of the CV Bill clauses will never expire and will remain in perpetuity
UK Armed Forces: government tries to soften perception of soldiers on the street
NHS: your NHS needs you to tackle greatest global health threat in history
NHS easing qualification requirements for front line staff…
Ecuadorian hysteria: authorities block runway to prevent aircraft landing
16:03 – Mail online: CoronaVirus clickbait and fear porn pedlars
Regular seasonal flu numbers still completely dwarf CoronaVirus statistics
Social distancing is already beginning to create social breakdown
MainStream Media will have to face the public for their coverage after CV is over
Many Asian nations are not reacting hysterically…why is it only the west…?
Is Chloroquine malaria treatment the key to beating CoronaVirus…?
Germany: why are they faring relatively well compared to other EU countries…?
Italy: 99% of those who died from CoronaVirus had other illnesses…
UK to start CoronaVirus vaccine trials next month
CoronaVirus Statistics need far closer examination to really be useful
36:54 – Censorship: huge text message campaigns spread CV fake news
Whatsapp also under attack: ‘a petri dish of CoronaVirus misinformation’
EFF: the Earn It Bill is the government’s plan to scan every online message…
It’s another example of government using a crisis to advance anti-privacy legislation
It is abundantly clear now that the MSM is a fully coordinated government channel
21 Wire: 10 years of archived articles were erased from Facebook…
YouTube: fewer human reviews due to CV, automated AI will censor you instead…
46:18 – Mahmoud ElAwadi video: disinformation or truth…? Who benefits…?
Central banks seem to be gaining more power from the CV panic
Bank of England pushing universal credit again amongst other things
Bono and CoronaVirus: a deadly combination…
Public Safety Alert: OJ Simpson says he will go ‘crazy’ if all golf courses are closed

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