Hong Kong Reports Largest Surge In Infections Yet As Experts Warn ” We’re On The Edge Of All-Out War” With COVID-19 – Italy Confirms Another 600 Deaths As ‘Martial Law’ Declared – “Critical Incident”: London Hospital Runs Out Of Beds Amid Virus Outbreak – 50 New Infections Every Hour In Iran, One Death Per 10 Minutes: Health Ministry – Staffer For Vice President Pence Tests Positive For Coronavirus – PM Orbán warns Hungary may face mass coronavirus infections after cases triple in one day – ‘WATCH: African woman ignores France’s lockdown to curb spread of virus; purposefully coughs in faces of police officers when detained’ – Very scary report from a hospital in northern Italy – Spring-breakers pack Florida, Texas beaches as pandemic threatens societal collapse – Italy officials in Lombardy say they have just stopped counting the #COVID19 deaths – As many as 70,000 Americans could be confirmed as infected with coronavirus by the end of next week – Far more Americans are infected with the #Coronavirus than the U.S.’s limited testing has shown so far – Grief stricken stricken NJ family hit with 4 dead family members from #Coronavirus, still waiting on tests for 19 family members, including one on life support for a whole week – #RIP: They were all Italians and doctors – JUST IN: German state of Bavaria has announced a statewide curfew starting midnight to curb the spread of coronavirus – 50 New Infections Every Hour In Iran, One Death Per 10 Minutes: Health Ministry – British Doc: “Right Now, It Feels Like We’re Heading Into The Abyss” – “Worse Than War”: Italian Army Convoy Removes Coffins From Overwhelmed Town – NBC News Employee Dies From COVID-19 – Line For New Jersey ‘Drive-Thru’ Testing Facility Is ‘Thousands Of Cars Long’ – New York City “Now The Epicenter Of The Crisis”; Mayor Supports Cuomo’s ‘Stay-At-Home’ Order

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