“No State Is Prepared”: Mapping Where Hospitals Will Run Out Of Beds First If Virus Cases Spike – Spain to enter nationwide LOCKDOWN as coronavirus crisis prompts ‘drastic’ measures – Italy surpasses 20,000 cases of #CoronaVirus, announcing 3,497 new cases and 175 new #Covid19 deaths in just one day from coronavirus – France goes into lockdown due to coronavirus – Israel to go into coronavirus lock-down – First Covid-19 Death In Louisiana Brings US Total To 51; Cuomo Warns “1000s And 1000s Of Cases Walking Around New York” – Covid-19 Impacting US Defense Readiness As Pentagon Announces “Minimal Staffing” – Pentagon Orders All Troops Confined To Base Area, Bans Domestic Travel – Man Walks Out Of ‘Quarantine Motel’ & Goes Shopping, Hops On Public Bus – Quarter of Seattle Life Care Centre’s staff test positive for coronavirus – Sweden: Public Health Authority will no longer report number of COVID-19 cases – Denmark closes all borders to fight virus – Governments Fast Reverting To Wartime Tactics & Rhetoric For Coronavirus – “Don’t Believe The Numbers”: ohns Hopkins Prof Fears “Worst Public Health Crisis Since Polio” – First case of coronavirus hits Lesbos as Greeks fear virus may spread in migrant camps – Nigel Farage: “So government policy is that it is desirable for COVID-19 to kill hundreds of thousands of people so that we develop herd immunity. Just cant believe it.” – National Guard deploying 1000 troops across 6 states by the end of today to kick off National Emergency due to Coronavirus Outbreak – France: Prime Minister announces closure of cafes, shops, restaurants and cinemas to slow spread of #Covid19 – US Army National Guard has been activated six states



Meanwhile in Italy…






Polio? Here is just ONE example about what can be done…

Clinical Guide To The Use Of Vitamin C





Get those tweets translated…





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