#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Mar 8, 2020 EDN): EU Chaos: Watch As Turkish Armored Vehicle Pulls Down Border Fence For Migrants (Turkish special forces were also shown pointing their high-powered rifles at the Greek border patrol cars) – Turkish border guards shoot massive amounts of tear gas against Greek border guards on the other side of the Greek border fence while migrant masses shout “Allahu Ahkbar” (Video) – Migrants try to tear down down the Greek border fence, Turkish police provides covering fire! (Video) – As night falls, the migrant attacks on the Greek border guards intensify. Rocks, bottles, rubber bullets, tear gas cannister, molotov cocktails, bolt-cutters, ramming vehicles… everything comes into play at night – Migrants using bolt-cutters, trying to destroy the Greek border fence and storm the border of Greece – Greece farmers use manure from their pig farms as a defense attacking #migrants at the border crossing to Turkey – BBC commentator Ash Sarkar gleefully talks about how the British people are being replaced


…and how about adding some pigs blood to the mix and letting them know?

Get those tweets translated…






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