#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Mar 7, 2020 EDN): VIDEO Turkish minister: What you have seen so far is nothing compared to what comes next – Total chaos at the Greek-Turkish border – Thousands of migrants continue to try to storm the Greek border during the night – Over 3/4ths of Greek citizens support conservative government’s border policy – Ordinary, patriotic Greeks enlist to defend Europe against a migrant invasion – AOC Encourages Illegals To Participate In 2020 Census – 600 people, aided by Turkish army and military police, threw tear gas at the Greek side of the border overnight – Danish prisons turn overwhelmingly Islamic; non-Muslim inmates abused and forced to participate in Islamic prayer – People smugglers slash price to €13 per migrant, claim Erdoğan gave them ‘instructions’ – Greek firefighters trying to put out the hundreds of fires started y-day by migrants, trying to burn down the border fence; Meanwhile, Turkish police & border guards fire rubber bullets at Greek firefighters








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