WHO: Coronavirus Is More Deadly Than Originally Thought – WHO CHIEF TEDROS: THIS IS NOT A DRILL. THIS IS A TIME FOR PULLING OUT ALL THE STOPS – Trump Refuses To Answer Questions About Testing-Kit Shortages, Santa Clara County Confirms Another 6 Cases, San Fran Shutters School – “Fake! Everything Is Fake!”: Wuhan Residents Heckle Vice PM During Public Relations Stunt – Coronavirus Patient Zero in Italy Was Pakistani Migrant Who Refused to Self-Isolate – Coronavirus spreads to NYC, Texas, New Jersey, Tennessee and Nevada as epidemic sweeps across America – Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante): The Real Virus is Fear… and How Wanting To Control The World Leads To Hell – San Francisco Confirms First 2 Cases, Patients Infected Via ‘Community Transmission’ – Iranian General: Coronavirus Is A Manmade Bio-Weapon – ‘Recovered’ coronavirus patient dies as China reports discharged cases falling ill again – New Video With Translation Showing The Dire Situation In Iran – An Irish doctor diagnosed with the coronavirus unwittingly worked a shift at University Hospital Limerick after returning home from vacation in Italy – Israeli defense minister orders closure on Bethlehem after 7 #coronavirus cases discovered. 17 Israelis have so far tested positive for COVID19, thousands have been placed in isolation. 500 IDF soldiers quarantined. – A Beijing Hospital Confirms Covid-19 Attacks Central Nervous System


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