#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (March 1, 2020 EDN): Turkish minister: 76,358 migrants headed to Greek border – Turkish TV channel advises migrants about the best way to travel to Europe – Denmark: Over half of African and Middle Eastern migrants are convicted of a crime before age 30 – The situation at the Greek border is escalating – The Greek FARMERS are coming to secure Greece! – Thousands of migrants at the border check point Kastanies between Greece and Turkey battle the Greek border guards – Thousands of migrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan & Somalia storm Greek border, shouting “Allahu Ahkbar” – Greek authorites report the migrants in Kastanies fire massive amounts of tear gas cannisters against the Greek border guards – Today, locals on the island of Lesbos burned down a UNHCR (United Nations) migrant reception center, to stop more migrants from disembarking – Orbán Vows To Protect Hungarians As Turkey Opens “Refugee” Floodgate


Now 100,000…



The situation at the Greek border is escalating…


It has begun:


Totally unrelated video…


Get those tweets translated…

Your peaceful “Allahu Akbar” yelling Muslim migrants…

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