#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Feb 28, 2020 EDN): Turkey opens the flood gates and allows MILLIONS of migrants unrestricted passage into Europe – Greece Sends 50 Naval Vessels & Commandos To Block Refugee Wave Out Of Turkey – Hungary prepares itself for a two-front war; invaders from the south and coronavirus – MEP Tarczyński: “If you don’t want to be arrested, if you don’t want to be shot, don’t come to the Polish border. It’s as simple as that!” (Video) – Erdogan provides free busses for Afghan migrants, taking them to the border with Greece and Bulgaria – Czech Republic to provide 5.3 million euros to combat illegal migration – UK: Two men and a dog stabbed in Peckham last night – Church In Swedish “No-Go Zone” Set On Fire – Milwaukee Mass Shooter Is A Black Elizabeth Warren Supporter – France: Massive Fire Breaks Out After Immigrant Protest Near Central Paris Train Station; Congolese migrants rioting today in Paris, fighting with police and firefighters (Video)

Gandalf (reading): “They are coming…”




Meanwhile in France…


Get those tweets translated…

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