World News (Feb 19, 2020 EDN): South Dakota Considers First State Bill To Outlaw All Vaccine AND Medical Mandates – As China Grinds To A Halt, Firms Can No Longer Afford To Pay Workers – Norwegian supermarket to begin selling insect burgers – Over 60,000 Christians in Massive Protests Against Montenegro’s President After Attempt to Seize Churches – Syria: Turkey’s Bluff Is Called – Media Opposition Sources Run By British Intelligence – 8 million tons of plastic dumped into the world’s oceans every minute – Who Bought The $1.3 Trillion In Debt The US Government Added In 2019? …it wasn’t foreigners! – Which Supply Chains Are Most At Risk: The Answer In One Chart – Chinese Cities Begin Subsidizing Car Purchases To Resurrect Auto Market From The Dead – 10 ‘Plagues’ That Are Hitting Our Planet Simultaneously – “Absolutely Unacceptable”: Leaked Boeing Memo Shows ‘Debris’ Found In 737 MAX Fuel-Tanks

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