Chinese Experts Warn Of Imminent “Surge” In Coronavirus Cases: Virus Updates


  • First case reported in Africa after the Egyptian Health Ministry confirms non-Egyptian patient who recently traveled to China
  • China warns of incoming case surge
  • China says 1,716 medical workers have been infected
  • WHO demands to know more about sick doctors, insists group of 12 virus experts will reach Beijing over the weekend
  • Singapore reports largest daily jump in cases amid increased human-to-human transmission
  • Egypt confirms first case; virus now present in 29 countries/territories
  • Hong Kong reports 3 new cases
  • New quarantine measures take effect in Wuhan
  • President Xi touts new “biosecurity law”
  • Hong Kong Disney land offers space for quarantine
  • Chinese company says blood plasma of recovered patients useful in combating the virus
  • US mulling new travel restrictions
  • Japan reports 4 new cases; one patient recently returned from Hawaii.
  • CDC Director: Virus is “Coming” to the US.
  • 5 presumptive cases reported in British Columbia
  • Toll of infected passengers and crew aboard ‘the Diamond Princess’ climbs to 218

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