“Angry People Will No Longer Be Afraid”: 1000s Of Chinese Miltary & Police Quarantined, Dozens Diagnosed After CCP Lies

Earlier today we highlighted the aggressive censorship that is underway in China to keep “control of the narrative.” Sadly, the citizens that were charged with trying to keep “control of the people” were potentially treated even worse as The Epoch Times reports, thanks to a lack of information (or perhaps withholding) from Beijing, thousands of soldiers and officers of the People’s Liberation Army, as well as police have been diagnosed with the deadly virus and are currently under quarantine.

It is reported that dozens of military and law enforcement have been diagnosed with the new virus, and thousands are being quarantined.

A staff member at the Central Theater General Hospital (Hankou Hospital) in Wuhan confirmed armed police officers were hospitalized.

Among them, 1,500 Chinese soldiers and 1,000 armed police are being quarantined, and China Human Rights and Democracy Information Center, headquartered in Hong Kong, reported on February 10 that 10 CCP soldiers and 15 armed police have been diagnosed with the new virus in Hubei province.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital (Hainan) Hospital in Sanya is preparing to test 3,000 people for new virus pneumonia samples.

300 armed police were isolated to a training site of the Hubei Provincial Corps of the Armed Police.

An epidemic has emerged in the Chinese Navy. After a serviceman of the Navy Submarine Force in Sanya, Hainan, was diagnosed with Covid-19, 300 sailors were isolated, and training programs on nuclear submarines, scheduled to start this month, have been suspended.

The Information Center’s report confirms that many tests in recent days have shown “false negatives”, and the incubation period may be as high as 24 days. Therefore, even if the test results of all personnel before the departure are “negative”, there may still be people carrying the virus, and those carrying the virus are likely to be transmitted to most officers and men

Recently, the Central Military Commission has issued 12 emergency notifications about the epidemic situation, and is enforcing strict regulations on the “leaders of epidemic work”, “the epidemic situation in the camp and family areas”, “isolation observation”, etc.

Alleged violations will result in disciplinary action or dismissal.

Most critically, these diagnosed cases (and quarantines) – and who knows how many dead – are not being reported as Epoch Times reports

…confidential documents stipulate that if the military’s epidemic situation involves military secrets, it may not be reported to the local provincial and municipal governments. Therefore, current illnesses in the military and the armed police are not reported to the territories on the grounds of confidentiality.   

The situation among these personnel, charged with keeping order and maintaining curfews during the early days of the virus, is notably worse than it could have been thanks to Chinese Communist authorities denials and delays early on. As Epoch Times notes:

Wuhan pneumonia started as early as December of last year, but the Chinese Communist authorities have concealed the epidemic from the local to the central government, making the epidemic out of control.

The Chinese Communist Party did not publicly acknowledge that the virus would be “person-to-person” until January 20, and the city was closed to Wuhan on the 23rd, but at that time the epidemic had spread to dozens of countries and regions across the mainland and overseas. By now the epidemic has been completely out of control.

Recently, Xu Zhangrun, a former professor at Tsinghua University School of Law, stated that under the outbreak of China, the CCP’s organizational disorder caused human disasters to be greater than natural disasters, which may lead to great changes. The article said,

“The anger of the people has erupted like a volcano, and the angry people will no longer be afraid.”

“The CCP ’s defeat has arrived, and the countdown has begun.”

We suspect the military and law enforcement who were “just doing their jobs” are now getting more than a little angry too – who will control the rising social unrest if the police and military turn on the CCP?

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