#GrandSolarMinimum & #ClimateChange (Feb 8, 2020 EDN): ALL-TIME RECORD COLD INVADES EASTERN RUSSIA, WHILE MOSCOW JUST SUFFERED ITS CLOUDIEST-EVER JANUARY – “CODE RED” BLIZZARDS BURY PARTS OF E. EUROPE, WITH ENTIRE CITIES “UNDER SIEGE” – Snowfall, blizzard cause traffic disruptions across Romania – Winter storm drops snow on Haleakala, Big Island summits, Hawaii – Severe winter weather in central and eastern Europe… at least 3 killed – Videos of snowfall in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia – Greenland fails to melt. Even 300 years into this Modern Warm Period it is colder than during most of the 10,000 year Holocene Interglacial Period. The alarmists want us to forget we are still in the 2.6 million-year Pleistocene Ice Age. – Canberra hail storm: Wild weather lashes ACT causing wide-ranging damage – Many MORE news outlets are now reporting on the upcoming #GrandSolarMinimum/#LittleIceAge






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