Coronavirus Pandemic Spreads To 17,205 Cases, Resulting In 362 Fatalities; 152,000 Under Observations – WHO Warns “Countries Should Prepare For Local Outbreaks” As Pentagon Increases Quarantine Housing – 3rd Person Tested For Coronavirus In New York As Pandemic Kills 362, With 17,388 Infected: Live Updates – Second Coronavirus Case Confirmed In California – Mayor Of City With 6 Million People Next Of #Wuhan Warns Of “Significant Increase” In Coronavirus Cases This Weekend – China Censors Top Local Media Outlet Over Claims Beijing Is Underreporting Cases, Deaths – The One Number That Could Reveal A Chinese Coronavirus Cover-Up – Putin Sends Air Force To Evacuate Hundreds Of Russian Citizens From China – Coronavirus Overkill? Gas Mask-Wearing Man Panics American Airlines Flight In Texas – “I Am Not A Virus”: Outbreak Leads To Shocking Rise In Racism Toward Asian People – Coronavirus Won’t Turn You Into A ‘Zombie,’ Says Malaysian Government – Strange ‘coincidences’ and the coronavirus – Senator Tom Cotton Shreds China’s Official Virus Story, Warns Of “Super Laboratory” Proximity

Best protection…

Get those tweets translated…

WTF??? They really want to kill you…

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