Coronavirus cases and death toll – China Virus Cases Almost Double Overnight, Deaths Top 100 As North Korea Closes Border – Hubei reports 1,291 new coronavirus cases, 24 new deaths bringing total to 106 deaths – “Ground Zero” For China’s Virus: Hubei Province Prepares 100,000 Hospital Beds – FACEBOOK ALSO TELLS CHINA-BASED STAFF TO WORK FROM HOME – HENAN CONFIRMS 40 NEW CORONAVIRUS CASES, CCTV NEWS REPORTS; SHANGHAI CONFIRMS 13 NEW CORONAVIRUS CASES: PEOPLE’S DAILY – China CDC Reveals 30,453 People Under Observation As Germany Reports First Confirmed Coronavirus Case – JAPAN CANCELS CHARTER FLIGHTS TO BRING CITIZENS FROM WUHAN: NTV (Sorry, guys, you are on your own) – Sri Lanka, Cambodia Confirm First Coronavirus Cases – San Francisco Activates Emergency Operations Center To Prepare For Coronavirus – CDC Says 110 Suspected Coronavirus Cases Identified In US; Public Health Risk Remains “Low” – Canada: Ontario confirms second coronavirus case, wife of first case – Did Bill Gates & World Economic Forum Predict Coronavirus Outbreak? An Inside Look May Shock You! – PPE For A Pandemic: A Guide To Personal Protective Equipment And Masks – Scientist Calls For “Draconian Measures” To Stop Virus In Hong Kong, Insists 44,000 Already Infected In Wuhan – Is The Market Grossly Underestimating The Potential Impact Of The Coronavirus Epidemic? – US Advises Citizens To “Reconsider” Travel To China, Bars Travel To Wuhan – Two Nasty Traits Of This Coronavirus, Typically Not Seen Together – HONG KONG GOVT URGE RESIDENTS RETURNING FROM CHINA TO STAY HOME – Philippines To Deport 500 Chinese People To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus – Hong Kongers Riot Over Plans To Use Public Housing As Coronavirus Quarantine

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