World News (Jan 17, 2020 EDN): Jack Dorsey Asks Elon Musk, Who Once Committed Securities Fraud On Twitter, How To Fix Twitter – The S&P’s Price/Sales ratio just hit an all time high, surpassing the dot com bubble’s record from March 27, 2000 – Bitcoin Tops $9,000 With Best Start To A Year On Record – Keeping with its Crackdown on Alternative Voices, Google Deletes Press TV from YouTube – Neel Kashkari Appeals To “QE Conspiracists”: Show Me How The Fed Is Moving Stock Prices… So Here It Is – N.Y. FED TAKES $52.630B OF SECURITIES IN OVERNIGHT REPO OP – Jamie Dimon created an artificial repo crisis, “forcing” the Fed to launch QE4, leading to the best year ever for JPMorgan – The Robots Are Coming, And They’re Going To Take Over Millions Of Jobs – Dalio, Dimon and 117 Other Billionaires Set to Descend on Davos – This is like Harvey Weinstein doing a documentary on sexual assault – “The unusual POWER of Jared Kushner”…

And what could possibly go wrong?…



Meanwhile in France….



You really can’t make this stuff up!…

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