#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Dec 24, 2019 EDN): Epstein trafficking network STILL operational, finds InfoWars investigation… photos, videos – Sweden: Two migrant men arrested in connection with brutal knife murder – Germany: Hamburg taxpayers have spent €5.4 billion on migrants since 2015 – Nigerian organized crime forcing pre-teens into prostitution in Italy – Turkey Can’t Handle New Refugee Explosion & Greece Will Be First To Feel Impact: Erdogan – Baltimore City On Brink Of Worst-Ever Year For Homicides – Finland: Afghan migrant previously convicted of child sex crimes sentenced to just five years for more sex crimes, including on another child – France: Nativity play in Toulouse attacked by far-left, anti-Christian mob – ‘Role play’? Swedish schoolkids made to kneel in gender-segregated MUSLIM prayer & told to listen to Koran in Arabic – Erdogan: Europe ‘will feel’ the new refugee wave


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