#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Nov 21, 2019 EDN): Young migrants thank a Dutch boy for the Netherlands granting them and their parents permanent residency rights (Video) – Now, more videos and info about the attack are coming out. Turns out several Dutch boys were attacked in the city of Gorinchem – Germany: Authorities arrest Syrian primary school worker over suspected bomb plot – Demands Grow For FBI To Interview Prince Andrew Over Friendship With Jeffrey Epstein – Swedish PM: No connection between mass migration and rising gang violence – Germany: Frankfurt man raising money to establish a Muslims Only swimming pool – Netherlands: 25 migrants found hiding in a refrigerated container bound for the UK – Several news agencies have withdrawn their stories about 100k migrant children being detained in US border facilities. Not that the story wasn’t true… it’s from the Obama era – Germany Transformed as Hard-Core Hooton Plan Implemented – Sweden has fallen off the list of safest countries in the world






Get those tweets translated….

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