#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Sept 9, 2019 EDN): Germany: Criminologist finds excuse for SERIAL RAPIST (Migrant Ali A. from Eritrea)!!! – Germany: Syrian Migrant (21) kills pregnant colleague (45) with machete – UK: Pair of Afghan migrants arrested for planning to kidnap and honor kill daughter who left Islam for porn – This is Swedish “justice”: A person raped a 12 year old girl until she “tore up” and started bleeding. He was sentenced to 50 hours youth community service – Lyon, France: Police running for their lives… #NoGoZone – The Most Violent and Awkward Quran Verse (Video)

Wake the f**k up Germany!…

The Religion Of Peace…


Lyon, France: Police running for their lives…#NoGoZone

Get those tweets translated…


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