#MigrantCrisis & #Crime (Sept 8, 2019 EDN): Baltimore On Track For Record Homicides As City Descends Into Chaos – Hungary’s Viktor Orbán: “We must never accept population exchange” – Turkey’s Erdogan threatens to ‘open the gates’ to flood Europe with Middle Eastern migrants – – Sweden: Women raped under knife threat while out walking her dog in Österåker – Muslim threatens to slaughter 17-year-old girl, because she is Christian… – Belgium MP climbs atop Antwerp’s City Hall to demand “an end to Islamic cccupation” – Six Kosovar Islamists sentenced for planning suicide bombings


I recommend you get a dog that doesn’t take prisoners…

…preferably about this size…

…and as a side note:

Russians do protect their borders!!!….


Woman (martial artist) beats up sex attacker…

Get these tweets translated…


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