Migrant Crisis & Crime (Sept 5, 2019 EDN): Erdogan: We’ll Flood Europe With Syrian Refugees Unless ‘Safe Zone’ Established – Ralf Stegner (Kandidat für den Parteivorsitz der SPD): “Die meisten Menschen haben kein Problem, dass ihre Gemeinde islamisiert wird.” – 14 Women Sue Lyft, Claiming It Is Ignoring A “Sexual Predator Crisis” Among Its Drivers – Leader of Sweden Democrats calls for a complete moratorium on immigration and for the repatriation of migrants – ‘ISIS Butcher’ with refugee status charged with crimes against humanity – Radical Imam who referred to Jews as “monkeys and pigs” sentenced by Swedish court – Trump to Sadiq Khan after golf comment: “Focus on knife crime!”

Get this tweet translated…

You really can’t make this stuff up!!!…





Get those tweets translated…




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