Migrant Crisis & Crime (Aug 13, 2019 EDN): Hundreds Of Germans Probed Over Anti-Migrant Comments On Facebook – Colin Flaherty: Mass shootings for the last 7 DAYS. 22 mass shootings…21 by the fellas! – Who Inflicts The Most Gun Violence In America? The US Government And Its Police Force – U.S. news Boy Scouts of America have a ‘pedophile epidemic’ and are hiding hundreds in its ranks, lawyers claim – France 2019: Major spike in murders over springtime – UK Cops Warn Mocking Wanted Criminal’s Hair On Facebook Could Lead To Arrest – There is a video (see above) of the guy yelling out “Allah Akbar” & yet idiots are outraged that a news reporter dared report it.




IF you get involved in a fight you have to put your attacker down in 1-3 seconds…

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